Course curriculum

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    • Intro: WELCOME!!

    • Course Overview & Objectives

  • 2

    Getting Out of Survival Mode

    • Are You Living in Survival Mode?

  • 3

    5 Steps to Living Life on Your Own Terms

    • Step 1: Answer the Tough Questions

    • Step 2: Making a Decision

    • Step 3: Shift Your Mindset (About Education)

    • Shift Your Mindset (about Work)

    • Shift Your Mindset (About Money)

    • Shift Your Mindset (About Time)

    • Step 4 & 5: Take Ownership & Take Action

  • 4

    Outro: Next Steps

    • OUTRO: What's Next??

    • NEXT STEPS Checklist

It's time for your to declare your independence from your 9-to-5!

Do you remember how exciting life was when you when off to college for the first time and was able to declare independence from the ironclad rule of your parents?

No one to tell you where you could and couldn't go; what time to wake up; and certainly not what time you had to be home!  Ahh.....freedom!

Those were the days! But after graduation, it seems like the rule and control that was once wielded by your parents was secretly transferred to another entity without your being aware......your job!!

Think about the amount of control your 9-to-5 has over your life.

It determines:

  • What time you wake up
  • What time you can go home
  • How much money you make
  • Where you spend the majority of your day
  • Who you spend the majority of your time around
  • How much money you make
  • How you will spend the majority of your life
  • Your overall lifestyle
  • When you can retire


But that is about to change. The Expert's Secret Guide to Conquering Your 9-to-5 will reveal to you some simple steps you can take to reclaim your independence from your 9-to-5 

After taking the course, you will have a clear blueprint outlining what you need to do to begin re-designing YOUR LIFE on YOUR TERMS!

Meet Your Instructor

Jarod Anderson

Jarod Anderson, also known as "The 9-to-5 Exit Strategist" is a specialist in empowering high-achieving working professionals to break free from the limiting thoughts and beliefs around work, time, money, and financial independence that can prevent them from living life on a level they truly desire. Jarod is the author of two books and an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine. To learn more about Jarod, you can visit his website at